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26-7-2010 | Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships
The Hague 2010
30 knot winds to near calms, brilliant sunshine to driving rain, combined with a fierce spring tide, made for one of the most challenging 470 World Championships on record for competitors when racing took place off the Hague, the Netherlands, over 12-18 July.
18-7-2010 | Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds
Berkhout enters the record books with fifth World Championship win
Mother nature played ball for the last day of the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship taking place in The Hague, with brilliant sunshine and a 12 knot southwesterly breeze for the Men's and Women's medal races, held directly off the beach at the Hague.
17-7-2010 | Press Release | 17 July
Belcher and Page the 2010 World Champions
A return to World Cup fever overcame the British camp today at the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship, when after the opening race in the Men's fleet 23 year old Skandia Team GBR crew Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell moved into the lead position with double world champions Nic Asher and Elliot Willis second.
16-7-2010 | Press Release | 16 July
Local talent comes good
Finally after an unorthodox few days off the Hague, with the wind and wave states severely disrupting the race schedule, so for the first time at the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships the organisers were able to hold three races back to back, on time, allowing crews to return to shore by mid-afternoon.
18-7-2010 | Greece's Mantis and Kagialis have a big job to do today
Defending 2nd
While Germany has the most entries in the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship, with 16 teams currently competing off the Hague, they are followed by Greece and Skandia Team GBR both fielding 12 boats.
18-7-2010 | Junior World Champions Sofian Bouvet and Jeremie Mion
Taking on the old guys
A considerable number of Junior sailors (ie 21 or under) have been competing at this year’s Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship. Youngest in the Men’s class is Croatian 16 year old Dylan Tidd, while set to continue the Australian Women’s 470 legacy is Carrie Smith, who is just 15.
17-7-2010 | Edge of seat competition expected for tomorrow's medal races
Top 10
Medal races for the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship are to take place tomorrow (Sunday) directly off the beach at the Hague. The warning signal for the Men’s medal races will be at 1355 local time followed an hour later by the Women.
17-7-2010 | Martine Soffiatti Grael and Isabel Swan
Highest Women's 470 Worlds newbies
At the Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds Championship it is easy to see who is doing better than expected as each boat has been given a bow number according to the latest ISAF ranking, issued last week. Among the Women’s Gold fleet sailors China’s Xiaoli Wang and Xufend Huang are doing especially well – ranked 91st in the world, but lying 8th overall at the end of play yesterday.
16-7-2010 | Indian competitors Pushparajan Muttu and Singhy Rajput Narinder
To the Hague from 45degC
Two sailors competing at the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship who are going through acclimatisation shock here in the Hague are Indian competitors Pushparajan Muttu and Singhy Rajput Narinder.
16-7-2010 | Press Release | 15 July
Unsatisfactory day
Weather off the Hague, or perhaps the inaccuracy of the forecasts, continues to wreak havoc with the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships in The Hague.
15-7-2010 | Double Olympic Gold medallist Sarah Ayton on today's conditions
More Southern Ocean than North Sea
Racing in the last qualification races had to be put on hold this morning when the North Sea off the Hague turned more Southern Ocean...and this was even before the tide had turned against the wind.
15-7-2010 | Day 4 morning report
Extreme sailing in Scheveningen
“I really enjoyed myself out there”, jubilated Jorick Weijers (NED). Sand was blowing off the dunes, water off the rough seas and the race committee reported 30 knots gusting up to 40 knots. That resulted in spectacular images, unfortunate damages and no racing. At around 11 am, the race committee postponed further racing.
14-7-2010 | Press Release 14 July
Wind up, but early home
For the first day so far at the 2010 Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships, the wind conditions at sea in front of The Hague allowed racing to get away on time for the three groups in the Men's division and the two in the Women's.
14-7-2010 | Why more nations will compete at future World Championships
Globalising the 470
In the recent ISAF Olympic Commission report the number of nations taking part was identified as being one of the shortcomings of sailing as an Olympic sport. For example at this week’s 470 World Championships there are 39 nations represented. This is a very high number when compared to other events in sailing, but up against other Olympic sports it is small when for example you consider that 205 nations competed at the 2008 Olympic Games
13-7-2010 | Press Release 13 July
Return to Qingdao
Jo Aleh : 'it was China all over again'
13-7-2010 | Upgrading the 470
President Stanislav Kassarov describes the latest developments
With classes attempting more than ever to maintain their spot in the Olympic Games, the International 470 Class Association has introduced some new measures for the present Delta Lloyd World Championship in the Hague.
12-7-2010 | Press Release | 12 July
Calm before the storm
Conditions transpired against the possibility of racing on the opening day of the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships, taking place off the Hague, Holland.
12-7-2010 | Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds
Home team advantage?
Traditionally at regattas, local teams can hold the advantage with the best local knowledge, more familiarity with the race course, the typical currents and wind conditions, as well as the psychological upper hand - playing to the ‘home crowd’, in a familiar environment when it comes to food, language, culture, etc.
12-7-2010 | Opening Ceremony
Spectacular opening of Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds 2010
Hundreds of 470 sailors and coaches from all over the world enjoyed a spectacular opening ceremony of the 2010 Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds The Hague. After the official speeches, the Dutch national anthem was played in a crowded Scheveningen harbour. The Wilhelmus sounds went over in a beat on which the dancers of Dance Academy Lucia Marthas did their act. The youngsters brought the flags in and put up a fantastic show on stage, enforced by older dancers in the crowd.
8-7-2010 | Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships
40 nations to compete for the Men's 470 and Women's 470 World Title
3-7-2010 | Giulia Conti (ITA)
The main focus of 2010 is yet to come, the 470 World Championships in The Hague
We have won some regattas, we know how to do it, and we know it's also hard to win. I think psychology is really important in sailing, you have to be in the right mood to win.
24-3-2010 | Igor Marenic (CRO)
It has been a long, hard road to the top......
Igor Marenic, with helmsman Sime Fantela, goes to The Hague as reigning World Champion. The Croatians sailed a superb regatta in Denmark last year, crowning an incredible 2009 season that saw them win the European Championships also.
31-5-2010 | Isabel Swan (BRA)
Hunting for Olympic Gold with Torben Grael's diamond
Martine Grael has been in the limelight quite a bit during herself. The daughter of Torben Grael, the 2009 World Sailor of the Year and the winning skipper of the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race and five-time Olympic medalist, Martine made the news quite a bit last year
17-6-2010 | Belcher and Page (AUS)
Mitigate Risk
Australians Mat Belcher and Malcolm Page paired up in the 470 in 2009, but have been training together since 2001. Whether they are racing in light air or heavy air, they are either the leading the fleet or they are threatening the leaders. What makes the top ranked skippers on the 2010 ISAF World Cup tour so consistent?
25-6-2010 | Holland Moves
The Netherlands as Sports Nation
The Kingdom of the Netherlands is internationally also known as Holland. In the past ‘Holland' referred to part of our country, but today both names are in full swing. Holland is a compact country with great diversity
4-5-2010 | Sven Coster (NED)
we are aiming for gold, not for bronze
The Coster brothers have been dominating the Dutch 470 men's fleet for years. They teamed up in 1999 and finished sixth at their Olympic debut in Athens. In 2007, Sven and Kalle Coster won silver at the 470 Worlds and the year after they dramatically missed out on a medal in Qingdao.
19-5-2010 | Delta Lloyd 470 Worlds
The Hague gets ready
From 9-18 July, the Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships for men and women will take place on the waters in front of The Hague. Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic (CRO) will defend their men's 470 World title, whilst The Hague citizen Lisa Westerhof and Beijing 2008 Two Person Dinghy silver medalist Lobke Berkhout will defend their women's.
15-5-2010 | Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar (USA)
We know that our greatest strength is our experience
'it would involve a tremendous amount of arrogance for us to think we are going to win in The Hague'
24-3-2010 | Gideon Kliger (ISR)
Every team must find a way to split the decisions during a race
Although he’s been racing 470s for 13 years, 2010 feels like a fresh start for the experienced helmsman from Israel. He has teamed up with a new crew, Eran Sela, bringing to an end a long and successful partnership with Udi Gal.
25-3-2010 | Lobke Berkhout (NED)
Succes is not usual
They are not new to the Olympic 470 class as individuals, but as a duo they are. Lisa Westerhof and Lobke Berkhout from the Netherlands made an impressive debut in 2009, by winning 2 World Cups and the World title in a row.
22-5-2010 | Henriette Koch (DEN)
there's no reason why we can't do well in Holland
The approach certainly doesn't seem to be hurting Koch and Sommer, who had a great World Cup season in 2009, including victories at Miami and Hyeres. However the Worlds on home waters in Denmark proved a disappointment.
24-3-2010 | Stuart Bithell (GBR)
Boats taking off upwind, maybe? I'd love it
More than anything, Bithell is loving being part of a full-time Olympic campaign. Having spent many years on the edge of the British squad, he was on the verge of looking for a ‘proper job’ before the opportunity to sail with Patience came along. Last year’s silver medal suggests that this is the start of great things for this new team.
Delta Lloyd 470 World Championships
The Hague 2010

30 knot winds to near calms, brilliant sunshine to driving rain, combined with a fierce spring tide, made for one of the most challenging 470 World Championships on record for competitors when racing took place off the Hague, the Netherlands, over 12-18 July.

The Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship this year featured 119 men and 61 women in their respective classes with competitor ages ranging from 42 year old Pakistani Xerxes Avari to Australian Carrie Smith, 15. 39 countries were present from all continents except Africa, with strong entries from China, Japan, Brazil and Argentina, but also sailors from emerging sailing nations such as India, Pakistan and Singapore. Germany fielded the biggest entry with 16 boats followed by Greece and Skandia Team GBR with 12 each, many of the nations using the World Championship as a challenging warm-up for their under 21 squads prior to the Junior Europeans taking place in La Rochelle in August.

The qualification rounds over the first four days of the regatta provided Event Director Edwin Lodder with some major headaches as a series of weather fronts passed over Holland creating wildly fluctuating conditions.

The opening day began in flat calm yet ended with several boats in the fleet being flattened as a 30 knot squall passed through: No racing and some boat work to be done overnight. Three races were held for the Men on Tuesday and two for the women. Early leaders after this were Beijing gold medallist Malcolm Page and Matt Belcher from Australia who posted three bullets, while the American 2008 World Champions Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving scored a similar perfect scoreline in the Women's class. These races were held in near drifting conditions in a strong tide, before the wind finally shut down.

Day three and conditions came good with three races held in both classes in winds getting up to 18 knots. Belcher and Page continued to hang on to the lead but British double World Champions Nic Asher and Elliot Willis and the ISAF ranked world no1 Swedes, Anton Dahlberg and Sebastian Östling were closing on them. In the Women's class Maxwell and Kinsolving failed to repeat their results from day one allowing New Zealand's former Beijing Laser Radial representative Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie into the lead ahead of Italian European champions Giulia Conti and Giovanna Micol.

Thursday proved to be the longest day of the regatta, the conditions again failing to co-operate. The fleet went out in the morning, but the wind and sea state were excessive and the sailors returned to shore. It wasn't until 1900 that racing could be started and then only one race was held in the women's class before the wind shut down. With no more qualification days left, the leaderboard remained similar to the previous day but in the Women's class Americans Maxwell and Kinsolving had pulled back into third behind the New Zealand and Italian teams.

For the two days of finals racing, competitors were faced with the liveliest conditions they had encountered with the winds generally in the 20-25 knot range with stronger gusts, providing for exhilarating high speeds and surfing downwind for the 470s. In these blustery winds, on the Friday the local Dutch favourites, defending World Champions Lisa Westerhof and Lobke Berkhout, came into their own winning all three races, launching them in to the overall lead ahead of Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie. The home team also excelled in the Men's division where Sven and Calle Coster posted a 2-1-5 shooting them up the leaderboard from 11th to third behind the Australians and the young British team of Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell.

The last day of finals racing was one of mixed fortunes for the British men. After the opening race of the day Patience and Bithell had taken the overall lead from Australians Matt Belcher and Malcolm, now down to third behind another British team of Nic Asher and Elliott Willis. However British hopes of victory were shortlived when the rudder on Patience and Bithell's boat snapped off in the next race and they were unable to effect a repair. They were unable to race for the remainder of the day and with this dissolved the opportunity to repeat their podium finish from 2009. By the end of the day the Australians were back in charge and with a win in the final race their 20 point advantage going in the medal race was unassailable: they were declared the 2010 470 World Champions. But behind them the fight was on for the final podium positions with six boats in the running.

There had been equal drama in the Women's fleet when in the penultimate finals race several of the key competitors were disqualified, over early on a black flag start. This did not affect the New Zealand leaders Aleh/Powrie nor Westerhof/Berkhout, however it put third placed Giulia Conti and Giovanna Micol out of the running for gold. With one point separating the two leaders, the Medal race was going to be fraught among the women.

Medal race day dawned dealing yet another set of unfamiliar weather at this Delta Lloyd 470 World Championship – summery conditions, clear blue skies, sun and a fine 12 knot southerwesterly, ideal for beach-goers who were able to view the heat of action with the race course positioned close to shore.

The Men's medal race took place first. Defending World Champions from Croatia, Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic took an early lead but France's Beijing bronze medallist Nicolas Charbonnier, sailing with Baptiste Meyer Dieu, pulled ahead on the first run and from there was never threatened. With the championship in the bag for the Australians, the final podium spots went to the French duo and the Croatians.

For Malcolm Page this was his fourth 470 World title win, while it was Matt Belcher's first after they teamed up post-Beijing. "World championships are never easy to win and you normally have to fight for them in the medal race. We were very fortunate enough not to be in that situation today. This is my fourth World Championship win in a 470 and every one of them has been hard,” commented a delighted Page.

Matt Belcher added: "This year our goals were to win one event outside of Europe, one grade 1 event and to win the World Cup and to medal at the Worlds. This has been a marathon and by day three it felt like we had run 30km already.”

In the Women's class the fight for Gold was on. Westerhof and Berkhout got a good start off the pin end of the line while Aleh and Powrie were forced to tack away early and duck transoms. The Dutch took the lead on the first run with the New Zealanders mid-fleet. Aleh and Powrie recovered on the second beat, but the Dutch covered. Eventually the Dutch were overtaken by France's world no1 Ingrid Petitjean and Nadège Douroux and third placed Italians Conti and Micol, but the Dutch still had four boats between them and the New Zealanders - victory was theirs.

While this was the second consecutive 470 World Championship win for the Dutch as a team, the moment was particularly significant for Berkhout as this was her fifth World Championship win following her three previously with Marcelien de Koning. Berkhout's record now exceeds the four wins of Greece's Sofia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoulfa.
"Winning a title in our own country in home waters was definitely something extra,” said an ecstatic Berkhout.

At the prizegiving the new World Champions and runners up were presented with their prizes. Younger up and coming sailors also received grants from the Olympic Solidarity Programme. They were

Chile: Aurelia Zulueta & Josefina Eluchans – 1000 Euros
Czech Republic: Ondrej & Pavel Bobek – 1000 Euros
Argentina: Roberto Bisi & Santiago Masseroni – 500 Euros
Hungary: Tasam Szamody & Mihaly Bardos – 500 Euros
Cyprus: Nicolas Loftis & Louis Christodoulou – 500 Euros
New Zealand: Sarah Berry & Emma Berry – 500 Euros
Ireland: Barry McCartin & Thomas Chaix – 500 Euros
Greece: Andreas and Alexandros Bakasias – 300 Euros
Greece: Antonios Tsimpoukelis & George Karonis – 300 Euros
Recipients of the Andre Cornu Grant also received money:
Martine Soffiatti Grael (BRA) – 700 Euros
Philip Sparks (GBR) – 700 Euros

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